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Pulled from a slave sled after the Eng of Timmins Town defeated her Euro captors,
Jaia first met the people she would call "family". Raised among these cold
survivalists, she grew from a piece of property to become one of the community's
best hunters.  The trauma of slavery scarred her, taking years to settle into the
background of her mind. Nevertheless, by child-rearing age, Jaia had proven
herself worthy to her adopted people. As reward, the council presented her a rite to
become a woman. She would hunt the yeti. Then she would know one of the town's
two men.

After a celebration to start her journey to womanhood, the hunt began. Just beyond
the berg she defeated a yeti. Turning, ready to race back to obtain her reward,
Jaia saw the leviathan tear up through the ice, pulling her entire town below killing
every member of her family.  

Alone, starving and not yet a woman by the rituals of her tribe, Jaia has one
thought: survive. Determined to not give in, she decides to travel south on the tales
told to her of a place where summer still occurs and a woman might survive.  

                                   First Appeared in Print:
                                                    Real Magicalism #1 [August 29th, 2008]

                                   First Appeared on the Web:
                                           [September 1st, 2008]
A soldier for D'troit, Keesa served as a Colonel in the War Against Erie. While
fighting on the frontier, away from the rules of cosmopolitan life, Keesa fell in love
with Mai, another female officer. The war proved the most beautiful time in her life
as she lived in love as well as the most horrible as the carnage wore down both
armies before the Peace of Ironsides. After the war, the couple returned to D'troit
where their forbidden love continued in secret.  

Keesa lived the lie until she unintentionally caught the eye of one of D'troit's only
whores: White. Despite her disinterest in him, White's pursuit of her revealed her
orientation to the public. The results were court-martialing, Mai's execution and
White revealing his own secret in order for he and Keesa to escape her nation.  

Running as fugitives, Keesa flees south with White from the city she once
defended. Despite every footfall carrying her to safety, only one thought holds her:
when the time is right, she will kill White for ruining her life.  

                                  First Appeared in Print:
                                                  The Burner #1 [February 27th, 2009]

                                   First Appeared on the Web:
                                          [October 13th, 2008]