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I'm terrible about updating this site.  But, my co-host is not.  Jessi Nelson, artist and thrill-seeker, has been putting
up pinups weekly.  Check out her pages.  And check this animation out and then see her auctions on


The idea to produce webcomics was not a single step.  

I've tried to crack print comics for years.  Work that bears my mark has been published by Viper Comics, Arcana
Studio and Th3rd World among others.  Even had a deal with IDW that fell apart in such a way that no one is to
blame.  My high water mark?  Got to ghost script a couple of pages for a DC book that never came out.  Shh.  
Don't tell anyone.  

It was San Diego Comic Con 2007 that really started me down this path.  I was bumbling along pitching to every
print publisher I could.  From my time as submissions editor at Arcana Studio my belief is that publishers who are
willing to print creator-owned comics are offered *at least* one series every three days.  At San Diego publishers
make up the other two days.  

Can you stand out in a sea like that?  Yeah.  I got some call backs.  And I'm grateful for the responses!  I hope to
see my projects out soon.  

But, that's not my point.  While there I met or saw so many webcomicers.  They were producing there work without
hunting for publishers.  They spent less time hoping to rise above the crowd and more time working actually, you
know, rising above the crowd.  

So, let's rise above.  

Starting soon will come my webcomics.  Let's see how it goes.  I know I'm excited.

- Egg Embry, September 10th, 2007
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MegaCon 2009 [February 27th to March 1st]

Decided to go to MegaCon in Orlando this year [2009].  

My pal and solid American comic artist, Wilfredo Torres, – – and myself rented a
car, a hotel and left on Thursday.  Atlanta to Orlando is about 8 hours.  But… Fred [Wilfredo… We’re going to get
his name back to the Flintstones] Fred hated – HATED – to use the gas
peddle so we took a LEISURELY drive.  Probably for the good since cops
outnumbered civilians in South Georgia… the speed traps overlapped
each other.  Clearly, for the police there is NO recession in their re-

Thursday night we got to Orlando and did nothing…

Friday we had to be at the show at 12 [close at 7].  Had a 4’ table at the
end of the artists alley aisle for the weekend [$50] and printed The
Burner 01 and 02 [32 black-and-white anthologies with two versions of
each issue].  Also had a number of other books I’ve been printed in [the
                                                       Dead Men Tell No Tales trade,
                                                       Hope #1, Dead@17: Rough
                                                       Cut #1, Omega Chase 1 to 3,
                                                       etc.  I have enough that I couldn’t display it all.  I as sorta proud of that

                                                       The show started well when I found they’d printed my art in the program
                                                       book [Hey!  I’m counting that on my list of credits!]  I was set up next to
                                                       Kerry Shyver – – who is a
                                                       wonderfully talented manga artist.  [Also met her folks and her daughter
                                                       and friends… all nice folks… even if they are from Delaware… :-]  We
                                                       spent an hour or more on Friday explaining to me how to color in
                                                       Photoshop (I asked her for pointers after seeing her work).  She
                                                       mentioned new tools and ways of doing art.  I learned a nice amount in that

Then the rest of the day was about sketching and scaring off customers.  I scared off more than anything… oy…

A woman I’d never met before came up and thanked me for the art I’d done for her but was sorry the project we
were supposed to do fell through due to a lack of funding… I had NO recollection of meeting this woman before in
my life so I stammered and stuttered and tried to figure out who she was… eventually I gave up and just started
nodding like a President, “Huhuh, huhuh.”  She left.  I was relieved.  

On Friday I’m proud to say I got LIMITED interest and sold an amazing FOUR books!  FOUR!  At this rate, I
thought, I’m never going to clear the table…

Friday night Fred and I ate out then crashed back at the hotel.  I was tired from not making money and didn’t feel
like going out that night since we were in Florida and it was, like, COLD [this will be a recurring theme].  

Saturday was the big day with the convention opening at 10 and running until 6.  We rolled in at 15 minutes before
the doors open cause traffic INSIDE the parking lot was gridlock like I only see at the perimeter.  

We got in and I sold SO much better that day that Friday it was no comparison.  One thing that because clear,
public interest was in The Burner 1 and 2 was directed at the Pepper variant covers.  In fact, the top three things
that interested people at my table were:

1)        The HP tablet I would draw on from time-to-time.  It really amazed folks.  
2)        The digital frame I had running.  Lots of interest from people that thought have a dedicated screen to cycle
through your art for the show was great.  I had the 12v frame hooked to a 12v dry cell battery and didn’t have to
recharge it once.  Ran like a charm.
3)        Pepper.  Jessi Nelson’s comic creation that we will be serializing here at starting in
April.  People really loved those cute squirrels of hers.  

About mid-way through the day Jessi Nelson – – arrived.  Which was a bless-
ing.  We got to discuss The Burner 3 and people loved to get her auto-
graph for the comics.  Plus she sketched for a while.  She even drew
Pepper on one girl’s hat.  Pepper was the sensation at my table.  

                                                     When the show was over that
                                                     day Jessi, her friend Jared and
                                                     I went to eat.  [Fred went to see
                                                     family.]  We caught up and all
                                                     that and froze… who thinks
                                                     Florida would be cold?!  After-
                                                     wards, I went back to the hotel
                                                     and crashed.  F’ you, I’m old.  

                                                     Sunday got to the con about 5
                                                     minutes before it was to open.
                                                     I felt my accomplishment that
                                                     day was staying awake.
Though, between myself and Jessi we seemed to sell more than Satur-
day.  Also, Fred sent artist Larry Watts my way – – and I looked over his work.  Nice,
solid art.  I’m hoping to see more as time permits.  

All-in-all, it wasn’t a bad show.  They could change the name from
MegaCon to MangaCon and felt more honest about its fanbase [I don’t think it’d hurt me either way since I’m
webcomic-guy].  Over the course of the show I covered the table and print costs on the comics I brought.  [Didn’t
touch the hotel, car rental or food but I was expecting worse in this economy.]  Gave out a LOT of flyers for the
site.  And have seen a small jump in hits.  Met some nice people and learned more about art.  Planned some of
The Burner 3… All-in-all, good.  Hope to see you there in 2010!

Oh, and Florida should be warmer.  

-- March 3rd, 2009

Egg Embry
egg [at] comicsbyegg [dot] com
Fred Torres.  Picture's actually from
NerdaCon 2008.  He's not normally so
pleasant looking.  Honest!
Table de Egg.
Pepper fans.  Honest.  Would I lie?!
Pepper on a hat.
Pepper creator Jessi Nelson and Jared.
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CSI: The Manga!

My good friend Steven Cummings has
CSI: The Manga for TokyoPop.  
Here's the trailer!  I think he knocked the
ball out of the park with his art... but I am
bias... ;-)
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On September 1st, 2008 I posted the first Global Freezing strip here!  
And since starting, three times a week I've posted either another comic
or a cover.  It's a labor of love but it's fun love!  I mean, I write and draw
characters that talk to themselves, odd monsters, dogs, attitude and
ice... It's a blast!

To mark the occasion I drew a picture of
Jaia as an angel.  It's a
companion piece to
Keesa as an angel.  This picture, to me, will always
mean one year and counting.  

And this Labor Day weekend I'll be celebrating the one year in Artist's
Alley at
Dragon*Con.  It should be a good time, Friday through Monday!
 I'll be tabled next to
Steven Cummings.  Stop by if you're at the con, I'd
love to say hi!  

And thanks for the first year.  Here's to many more!

Egg Embry, September 1st, 2009
I'll be in Artist's Alley at Dragon*Con this year.  
Hope to see you there!
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Blog@ Prepares for GLOBAL FREEZING

Starting tomorrow [09-09-09], Global Freezing, the post-apocalyptic winter tale of three survivors searching for The Warmth,
will begin appearing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at  Newsarama is one of the largest
English-language comic news sites in the world and partnering with them will put the tales of Jaia, Keesa and White before an
immense audience.  With over 150 strips archived this move represents the biggest step forward to date for Global Freezing.  

The month of September has really become "
Global Freezing Month" for me.  

09-01-2008 saw the launch of Global Freezing at  
09-01-2009 marked one year which I celebrated with some extra art and making more comics (Hey, that's fun for me!)
09-04 to 09-07-2009 was spent spreading the good word at Dragon*Con
09-09-2009 sees the start of Global Freezing at

I would like to thank Blog@ and's (among others) Troy Brownfield for initiating this.  I appreciate his
reaching out to me and presenting a spotlight for my work!  Also, thank you to everyone that has read over the last year.  Your
support is appreciated!

Egg Embry September 8th, 2009
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Hey!  They have me on a panel at Dragon*Con!

Egg Embry

Title: My Great Big Fat Dragon*Con Experience!

Description: Dragon*Con 2009 guests recount the good, the bad, and the
beautiful in this intimate look at what they take away from this year's event.

Mon 04:00 pm Location: Hanover F - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
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Starting 9/9/9, Global Freezing is being
reprinted at Newsarama's blog.  Check it out!

         - Egg Embry September 9th, 2009
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In a bit of awesome, a short story I did for David Rodriguez and Dave Reynolds' really cool webcomic, ShadowGirls, starts
running Monday, 09-28-09!  

The cover is up now:

       - Egg Embry September 26th, 2009
Beating it like an egg sound bite
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So I watched the 21st season premier of the Simpsons, "Homer the Whopper" written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.  
The long and short of the episode is Comic Book Guy creates a superhero comic and Hollywood makes a movie of it.  Most
every joke is directed at Hollywood or comics.  One of them that is randomly there is... well... I think Seth Rogen was thinking
of me when he wrote it!  Honest engine!  Would I lie?


Oh, wait, I would lie!  Hmm... Maybe he wasn't thinking about me... hmm... You listen and decide!  :-P

Egg Embry October 3rd, 2009
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Today sees the last page for the short I wrote for David Rodriguez and Dave Reynolds' really cool webcomic,
ShadowGirls. I had a GREAT time doing it and want to thank David, Dave and mostly the artist, James Suhr!  His work
really made the project!  It's neat because it's the unofficial end to their Season One and has
gotten a good reaction.  Again, I'm happy to have played through!

The nine-page story starts here with the cover:

     - Egg Embry October 16th, 2009
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I saw the below banner ad and LOVED it!  Just.  Genius.

Egg Embry November 11th, 2009
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Wilfredo Torres and I are working on a project called Scorn.  We've gotten our pal Steven Cummings to do the cover.  It's
SWEET!  Check it out on
Steven's Deviant Art Page.

 - Egg Embry November 12th, 2009