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Egg by Megumi Cummings            Egg by his niece, Boo Embry
Egg Embry
Jessi Nelson
Egg as a, well, egg.
Egg Embry’s writing has been printed by Viper Comics [Dead@17], Arcana Studios [Dark Horror Anthology and Ezra],
Sky-Dog Press/CBLDF [Kamen] and Ronin Studios [Ezra].  He’s edited comics for Arcana Studios [ANT, Dead Men Tell
No Tales and Ezra] and Thr3d World Studio [Omega Chase].  His comic journalism and reviews have appeared on the
websites Newsarama, Comicon and ComicBulletin.  

Egg's long-form webcomic, GLOBAL FREEZING, marks his debut as a one-stop-shop taking a project from concept to
finish.  Following the adventures of Jaia and her imaginary friend as they are chased by monsters through an ice age,
GLOBAL FREEZING is updated three times a week at  In addition, the website hosts other
webcomics and pin-up art by Jessi Nelson.  Egg can be reached at Egg [at] ComicsByEgg [dot] com
Jessi Nelson
ChickyCloud9 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Jessi Nelson began drawing at an early age. In the fourth grade she won her first contest – a violin drawing
competition with her winning piece still displayed in the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Since then, Jessi has built a
list of publishing credits and professional work in both comics and the music industry.

Her artwork has been featured in the late Michael Turner’s Fathom Vol. 2 # 5, from Aspen Comics, Viper Comics’
Dead@17: Blood of Saints #1, Arcana Studio’s Ant #3, Starkweather #2, Ezra #2, #3 and #4, Ronin Studios’ HOPE,
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund/Sky-Dog Press’s More Fund Comics #1, CD album insert for King Midas Presents: I
Got Next Volume 1, and the art for the
Magical Realism short story, The Night Before I Went Home.
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