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On September 1st, 2008 I posted the first Global Freezing strip here!  And since starting, three times a week I've posted either
another comic or a cover.  It's a labor of love but it's fun love!  I mean, I write and draw characters that talk to themselves, odd
monsters, dogs, attitude and ice... It's a blast!

To mark the occasion I drew a picture of
Jaia as an angel.  It's a companion piece to Keesa as an angel.  This picture, to me,
will always mean one year and counting.  

And this Labor Day weekend I'll be celebrating the one year in Artist's Alley at
Dragon*Con.  It should be a good time, Friday
through Monday!  I'll be tabled next to
Steven Cummings.  Stop by if you're at the con, I'd love to say hi!  

And thanks for the first year.  Here's to many more!

Egg Embry, September 1st, 2009